Popular Google Doodle games

Top 5 Popular Google Doodle games in 2020

Hey what’s going on friends and family my name is Sagar and today we’re gonna be checking out Top 5 Popular Google Doodle games in 2020 did you get that doodles from Google that are games now a lot of you guys probably lies this but Google actually has all of their doodles online that you can check out now I’m actually doing this video because we’re celebrating 20 years of Google with doodles 20 20 years of doodlee Google’s anyways some of those are so interactive that you could consider them games and in fact I’m gonna show off my favorite at once but regardless I just want to say this is a video in appreciation of Google who has been feeding me and my family for years now as I’ve been working on YouTube thank you so much Google I really appreciate what you do and I love the don’t be evil slogan which hopefully you continue to abide by and I really do appreciate the art that you push forth that you publish and that you promote and so here I am full circle I want to promote some Google doodle games so here’s my pic my top 5 Popular Google Doodle games

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Top 5 Popular Google Doodle games in 2020

5 . Coding Google Doodle

Top 5 Popular Google Doodle games in 2020

Alright this next one is kind of adorable okay so it’s like this little rabbit that you’re just trying to get all the carrots it’s kind of like a little puzzle game except instead of using arrow keys or your mouse or anything like that you code kind of you program at least the rabbit to actually pick up the carrots and I think this is really good for kids to teach them how to actually code are just anybody like it just kind of gives you the idea of programming actually a character programming a period I I think of these visual programming kind of games are really fun in fact I actually own a few so yeah this rabbit one it’s super quick clean and cute but it’s it’s something pretty cool. Popular Google Doodle games

4 . Gnome Toss

Alright next one it’s quick and clean this really reminds me actually of someone so harkening back to like some flash days you guys know what I’m talking about right like throwing the spears bowmen and you know throwing like pigs and singe random throwing games yeah this is one but but gnomes actually fun fact dude this one runs really good like ages it runs fantastically it’s so colourful it’s got music and everything it’s actually got like different sized gnomes and things like it’s a fun little I don’t know gnome throwing sandbox what can I say dude try it throw them the gnome as far as you can with a trebuchet. Popular Google Doodle games

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