Top 5 Best AIR JORDAN Sneakers of 2020

what’s up everybody I’m Sagar and today I’m counting down the Top 5 Best AIR JORDAN Sneakers of 2020 but before we get any further into the video I want to give a huge thank you to today’s sponsor rejuvenator rejuvenator is my go-to for all things sneaker cleaning and they have everything that you could possibly ever need to clean your shoes now the Christmas is officially over some of you may have gotten brand new pairs of sneakers underneath the tree or maybe you just buy yourself some sneakers I don’t know and if you want to make sure your brand new kicks lasts as long as they Top 5 Best AIR JORDAN Sneakers of 2020 can you definitely should pick up a rejuvenator

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about the top 5 sneakers of the year so we’ve got the top 5 Air Jordans of 2020 which is this video and in the final video which is the top 5 shoes overall of 2020 that video is coming up soon and at the end of that video we also crown the sneaker of the year so that’s pretty exciting but now without further ado why don’t we jump straight into the top 5 Air Jordans of 2020

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Top 5 Best AIR JORDAN Sneakers of 2020

5 . Air Jordan 5 Trophy

number five the trophy room Air Jordan 5 trophy room is a sneaker boutique started by Michael Jordan’s son Marcus Jordan and of course because there’s that whole family connection you know there’s gonna be some really sick collaborations coming out of trophy room and the trophy room Air Jordan 5 is probably the best one to release the entire upper of the shoe is covered in light blue suede which is definitely a unique look

especially for an Air Jordan 5 the shoe also features a sail colored midsole and sail eyelets as well as red shark teeth and a red sock liner it’s funny when this shoe first released it was barely going for $400 I definitely should have bought a pair when I had the chance but I didn’t and now it’s going for like $1,700 people just didn’t seem to realize how limited this shoe is gonna be and speaking of limited friends and family pair is actually limited to Top 5 Best AIR JORDAN Sneakers of 2020 two hundred and twenty three pairs and comes in an Allred upper both

colorways are fired but I think I actually prefer the standard version because you don’t see a lot of light blue air jordan fives it’s an insane sneaker and up until recently I would have said that this shoe was heavily underrated

4 . Air Jordan 1sb

number four at the Air Jordan 1sb LA to Chicago I knew this shoe is gonna be popular but I had no idea how popular it was going to be and I guess it makes sense because you’ve not only got LA fans and Chicago fans who like this shoe but just general sneaker heads who love this sneaker the concept of paint wearing off the sneaker the more that you wear it is just so cool and I know this isn’t the first time this has been done but I think what makes this particular shoe so great is that both colorways are awesome

both the Lakers and the Chicago color with the purple and gold used on this shoe even though it’s a little bit D saturated Top 5 Best AIR JORDAN Sneakers of 2020 because it’s painted on top of some other colors still looks great and of course when you remove the paint you’ve got this really awesome Chicago colorway and no it’s not exactly the same as the standard Chicago’s because both the stitching is black and the outsole is black but it still gets the idea across and in my opinion still looks awesome but Top 5 Best AIR JORDAN Sneakers of 2020 what really surprised me is how good the sneaker looks when

Top 5 Best AIR JORDAN Sneakers of 2020

only half the paint is worn off I never would have guessed that it would have looked this good because I just don’t think that red and purple go that well together but they really do it’s kind of like an Iron Man colorway and I love it whether you’re wearing this shoe as the LA colorway the Top 5 Best AIR JORDAN Sneakers of 2020 Chicago colorway or just a mix of both you really can’t go wrong with the LA to Chicago Air Jordan 1s bees oh and I almost forgot because this is an Air Jordan and SB collaboration you’ve also got an air unit in the insole which is super cool

3 . Air Jordan 4 Bred

number three the 2020 Air Jordan 4 bread also known as the black cement forest the bread Air Jordan 4 was designed by legendary sneaker designer Tinker Hatfield so far the bread Air Jordan fours have ret rode four Top 5 Best AIR JORDAN Sneakers of 2020 times

with the last retro being in 2012 making the total times this shoe is released five times the 2020 retro of the black cement or bread forest features a black nubuck upper gray accents and of course the very coveted Nike Air branding on the heel 2020 has been just an insane year for retros Top 5 Best AIR JORDAN Sneakers of 2020 actually in particular black-and-red retros and there’s just no denying that the air

jordan for bread is one of the best this 2020 retro saw the largest release of bread force released at one time and even with that the shoe still sold out Top 5 Best AIR JORDAN Sneakers of 2020 which is crazy the air jordan for bread is a classic and definitely deserves to be on this list

2 . Air Jordan 11 Bred

number two the 2020 Air Jordan 11 breads it’s so great to finally have this shoe and I know I’ve had the chance to buy this shoe for resale in the past but because I’ve missed out on so many retail releases I even waited in Top 5 Best AIR JORDAN Sneakers of 2020 line for the 2012 release and still didn’t get them it just felt like a personal

achievement or personal goal to be able to buy this shoe for retail and so I did fact it doubled up the 2020 bread Elevens are as close to the OGS as any retro breads before it the 2020 pair not only features a higher patent leather cut but also comes with a box that’s almost identical to the original you’ve even gotten nike air on the insole which i think is amazing michael jordan debuted the bread Elevens in 1996 in a game against the Top 5 Best AIR JORDAN Sneakers of 2020 cavaliers and since then the shoe is only Rhett Road four times the bread or playoff

eleven are one of the most classic and popular Air Jordan sneakers to ever release and with the most recent 2020 released there apparently were two million pairs available and they still somehow all sold out which is Top 5 Best AIR JORDAN Sneakers of 2020 crazy this is one of my favorite shoes of all time and every time at retros I’m definitely buying a pair

1 . Air Jordan one Travis Scott

number one the Air Jordan one Travis Scott at this point it’s impossible to deny the influence that Travis Scott has on sneaker culture especially when every shoe he’s dropped with Nike and Jordan Brand have immediately Top 5 Best AIR JORDAN Sneakers of 2020 sold out and not just sold out but have resold for thousands of dollars and I

think that the Travis Scott Air Jordan won highs are the pinnacle of every sneaker he’s ever released Travis took one of the most popular speakers of all time and flipped around the swoosh which not exactly sure how he did that because brand guidelines are usually pretty strict and even if that’s all he had done the sneaker still would have sold out but obviously it Top 5 Best AIR JORDAN Sneakers of 2020 wasn’t he also added a stash pocket around the top of the ankle some Travis Scott Cactus Jack details around the sneaker and surprisingly buttery brown suede which is a colorway that I think a lot of people wouldn’t have

expected from an Air Jordan one collab the waves that the Travis got Air Jordan one made in sneaker culture in 2020 are undeniable and that alone would qualify this for a sneaker of the year but not only that the sneaker looks great and is extremely wearable I’ve haunted a bunch actually and it’s one of my favorite releases of the entire year and with that we wrap up the top 10 best air jordans of 2020 now I would love to know your thoughts on this list and if you feel like any shoes that you really like we’re left Top 5 Best AIR JORDAN Sneakers of 2020 off the list so let me know in the comments section down below and as always thank you so much for watching make sure to subscribe if you haven’t yet and have a happy new year

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