Top 5 Best Sewing Machine in 2020

Hey guys in this video we’re gonna be checking out the Top 5 Best Sewing Machine in 2020 I made this list based on my personal opinion and hours of research and I’ve listed them based on quality durability price and more I’ve included options for every type of consumer so if you’re looking for the best portable product or the best product money can buy we’ll have the product for you if you want more information and updated pricing on the products mentioned be sure to check the links in the description down below ok so let’s get started with the video.

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Top 5 Best Sewing Machine in 2020

  • Coming in at 5th place is the SINGER Start 1304, which gives you numerous basic stitches and a simple to use design. It is made of sturdy metal material and is perfect for beginners and more experienced users.
  • In 4th place we have the Brother CS6000i, which gives you a brightly lit LCD display and built-in free arm for sewing everything from cuffs to sleeves. It has a jam resistant design for maximum reliability.
  • In 3rd place is the JUKI MO644D, which is the best portable sewing machine due to its light and compact design. It gives you customized functionality, so you will always get your exact needs met.
  • In 2nd place is the SINGER Quantum Stylist 9960, which features an automatic presser foot and one stitch selection. This sewing machine has one of the most convenient designs on the market.
  • Coming in at 1st place is the Brother PQ1500SL, which has an auto trimmer, making it perfect for quilting and sewing. There are tons of useful settings that you can take advantage of to make a variety of items. This is definitely the best overall sewing machine due to its advanced design that gives you fast and efficient sewing capabilities.

5 – SINGER | Start 1304

The fifth product on our list is the singer start 1304 the singer start 1304 offers six basic stitches to choose from with the simple turn of a dial it has a preset stitch length and width so there’s no more guesswork to do this is an excellent choice for hobbyists and sewing novices alike you can choose a straight stitch for basic sewing fix a hem with the blind hem stitch or sew a decorative scalloped stitch you also have a four step buttonhole feature that lets you add buttonholes in just four easy steps this can be very useful for Top 5 Best Sewing Machine in 2020 pillows children’s clothing and so much more just slide off the removable extension table to expose the free arm for hemming trousers and sleeves there are threading diagrams Top 5 Best Sewing Machine in 2020 printed right on the machine

so it’s always very easy to setup the dual spool pins allow for twin needle sewing to make your work much easier overall when you are sewing with a twin needle parallel rows of stitching are ideal for hemming Top 5 Best Sewing Machine in 2020 the heavy duty metal frame of this sewing machine means that you can count on it to keep running for years the all-purpose foot that this machine features is great for a variety of sewing projects the features include three presser feet this machine’s three presser feet gives you the ability to do a variety of sewing work four-step buttonhole there is also a four-step buttonhole that you can use to create buttonholes in four simple steps dual spool pins the dual spool pins make needle sewing faster and easier than ever before the pros are great for beginners this Top 5 Best Sewing Machine in 2020 sewing machine is perfect for those who don’t have a lot of experience with this equipment highly portable

Top 5 Best Sewing Machine in 2020

the lightweight design of this machine makes it easy to take with you on the go efficient sewing there are numerous features that make sewing work easier and more efficient as a whole and for the cons this machine does have problems with jamming occasionally coming in at around Top 5 Best Sewing Machine in 2020 70 dollars this Singer sewing machine has a highly versatile design that makes it perfect for just about anyone it can make doing this type of work easier with its user-friendly controls the heavy duty metal frame ensures that you can keep using it for men years to come it is one of the best options for anyone who loves to sew.

4 – Brother CS6000i

The fourth product on our list is the brother cs6000i the brother cs6000i has a simple and easy to use design that is ideal for sewing and quilting it features a stitch selector switch that lets you easily see and choose your stitch there’s also the automatic needle threader which makes doing Top 5 Best Sewing Machine in 2020 this type of work much easier it pushes the thread through the needle perfectly every single time this machines LCD display measures 2 by 0.7 inches it will always provide you with detailed information on the settings you are working with it’s also very bright so you can see it clearly even in a dimly lit room the wide table of this sewing machine is designed for quilts and other large projects it has a maximum sewing speed of 850 stitches per minute the built in free arm can be incredibly useful when doing intricate sewing projects you’ll definitely Top 5 Best Sewing Machine in 2020 be glad for it when sewing sleeves pant legs and other cylindrical items there’s also a super bright light that gives you maximum visibility of whatever you’re working on this machine features a diagram printed on it to help you know exactly

where to place the thread so there’s never any confusion it makes doing any type of sewing work much easier over all the features include Top 5 Best Sewing Machine in 2020 built-in free arm this machine’s built-in free arm is perfect for sewing cuffs sleeves and much more LCD display the digital display on this sewing machine shows you the stitch you have selected automatic needle threader the automatic needle threader pushes the thread through the needle without you having to do any work the pros are Top 5 Best Sewing Machine in 2020 perfect for beginners even sewing novices won’t have any problems with this sewing machine because of how easy to use it is jam resistant this machine is designed in

such a way that jamming will never be a problem you’ll have to deal with easy speed selection you can choose the speed and stitch you want to use each time without any hassle and for the cons this machine Top 5 Best Sewing Machine in 2020 doesn’t offer automatic tension which might give beginners a little bit of trouble at times coming in at a little under 150 dollars this Brother sewing machine is a great investment to say the least it has a rugged and efficient design that makes doing this type of work fun and easy for the most part it is perfect for beginners .

3 – JUKI MO644D

The third product on our list is the Juke e mo 644 D this is our best portable sewing machine the Juke e mo 644 D features rolled hemming making it a great choice for beginners it can help you make all sorts of things with a professional look to them this feature is also well suited to more experienced users this machine works at 1,500 stitches per minute which gives you the ability to sew very efficiently we really like this sewing machines multi-function presser foot it lets you install sequins elastic tape and other materials with each project you work on there are also a Top 5 Best Sewing Machine in 2020 number of accessories you’ll get including a thread looper tweezer and vinyl cover these items will make doing your work a lot easier one of the best things about this machine is its customized ability it can be adjusted to match your specific needs every single Top 5 Best Sewing Machine in 2020 time you can adjust the tension to ensure the thread is always properly placed

the differential speed can be adjusted as well this gives you the ability to create a variety of elaborate pieces the sheer reliability of the knife technology this machine uses is very impressive it can cut fabrics with absolute precision on a consistent basis it is even able to cut Top 5 Best Sewing Machine in 2020 through heavier fabrics without slowing down or losing any of its efficiency the features include rolled hemming the rolled hemming this machine offers makes it perfect for beginners and experienced users alike multi-function presser foot this machine’s presser foot will allow you to install a wide range of materials into your projects so lights the multiple lights that this machine is equipped with will give you maximum visibility while you’re working the pros are customizable Top 5 Best Sewing Machine in 2020 design you can tweak a number of settings on this machine to get the best performance every time powerful knife system the knife system this machine uses has a dedicated drive mechanism for maximum power and reliability it’s fast the 1,500 stitches per minute design of

this machine makes it very fast and efficient and for the cons there is no automatic threader so you might have issues with threading the needle sometimes coming in at a little under $300 the jukey MO 644 Top 5 Best Sewing Machine in 2020 portable serger has a nice compact and lightweight design it measures ten point six by thirteen point four by eleven point six inches with a weight of eighteen point six pounds this makes it easy to take with you wherever you go it also has an incredibly efficient design that allows you to get your sewing work done faster than ever.

2 – SINGER | Quantum Stylist 9960

The second product on our list is the singer quantum stylist 99 60 the singer quantum stylist 99 60 has an advanced computerized design that makes sewing easier than ever before it features an automatic needle threader that threads your needle for you each time this reduces the frustrating Top 5 Best Sewing Machine in 2020 aspects of sewing by leaps and bounds this your creative side shine the high efficiency design of this machine gives you 850 stitches per minute functionality you will get a number of accessories including a blind hem foot satin stitch foot button sewing foot rolled hem foot and much more you’ll have everything you need to get started with making all sorts of amazing creations the OneTouch stitch selection makes it easy to choose the right stitch for each of your projects you Top 5 Best Sewing Machine in 2020 will find the 8 most commonly used stitches located on the front of the machine there are also electronic twin needle settings which reduce stitch width for sewing with

a twin needle the features include OneTouch stitch selection you can choose the stitch you want to use for each project with just the touch of a button automatic presser foot this machine’s automatic presser foot makes doing your sewing work much easier overall LCD screen the bright LCD Top 5 Best Sewing Machine in 2020 screen on this sewing machine shows you the stitch you have selected the pros are huge stitch pattern selection you’ll have many different stitch patterns to choose from allowing you to bring out your creativity durable the metal frame of this machine makes it incredibly durable and rugged four years of regular use fast operation this sewing machine

operates at 850 stitches per minute so you can get your work done as efficiently as possible and for the cons this machine weighs over 20 pounds so it’s not the most portable model on the market Top 5 Best Sewing Machine in 2020 coming in at around $300 this sewing machine has a great modern design with tons of convenient features that you will be sure to love it is a great choice for people of all sewing experience levels you will also get a ton of useful accessories to get you started with making a variety of beautiful items.

1 – Brother PQ1500SL

The first product on our list is the brother PQ 1500 SL the brother PQ 1500 SL features an auto thread trimmer with quilting and sewing capabilities at the push of a button there’s even a built in needle threader so you no longer have to deal with the frustration of doing this yourself this machine can sew up to 1500 stitches per minute which is impressive to say the least Top 5 Best Sewing Machine in 2020 these lightning fast speeds allow you to get your work done quickly and efficiently every single time there are numerous settings that you will have to choose from including for feed dog settings for optimal fabric control you also have a knee lifter and bed extension for quilting all of these settings give the ability to customize the performance of this machine to match your needs the 12 by 18 inch extension table that is included

with this sewing machine makes it perfect for making quilts and other big projects there is also an LED work light that is very bright and allows you to see clearly even in dimly lit rooms there are lots of useful accessories Top 5 Best Sewing Machine in 2020 you’ll get with this sewing machine including an adjustable zipper rolled hem invisible zipper and more this machine is great for showing a variety of things so your imagination is your only limit the features include Auto thread trimmer this machine’s Auto thread trimmer takes a lot of the frustration out of sewing LED work light you will always be able to see what you’re working on clearly with this machine’s LED work light thread tension dial you can always adjust the thread tension quickly and easily with the simple dial the pros are easy maintenance the small oil holes this machine features makes it easy to keep oiled and functioning properly lots of workspace you have plenty of space to work with this machine making it ideal for bigger projects quiet operation Top 5 Best Sewing Machine in 2020 unlike so many other sewing machines on the market this one isn’t loud and noisy when it’s running and for the cons this machine’s thread cutter trims

the thread just a tiny bit too short coming in at around $550 this Brother sewing machine offers an excellent option for most people who enjoy sewing it gives you plenty of space to work in a multitude of settings you should never have any issues with getting your specific needs mat when you’re using this machine thanks for watching and that’s all for this video Top 5 Best Sewing Machine in 2020 if you liked this video and it helped you out in any way please give the video a like and hit that subscribe button hope to see you guys in the next video till next time I’ll see you later .

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